Valkyria Puzzle

Test Your Wits With The Valkyria Puzzle

A single, brave catapult stands ready to take on an onslaught of boulders in this Valkyria Puzzle game. As the huge, colored rocks roll down the trench, threatening your position, you have to quickly match three of the same color to smash them into bits! Once you do, you will redeem some serious points and keep the boulders from reaching you. So don’t miss, because you won’t get many second chances…

Pro Tip: Chain Your Combinations Together!

If you fire precisely at the perfect spot, you can cause six or even nine boulders to be smashed! Just look out for possible combinations outside of the one that you’re shooting at. When you smash the first three, the others will fill the gap. If they are the same color, they will break too. If you can master this technique, then you will definitely make it through each level in Valkyria Puzzle without a problem.