Unpark Me

Get Out of the Way!

In this Unpark Me game, you’ve been trapped in your parking space by a bunch of inconsiderate motorists. If they don’t wanna move, fine - you’ll move them! Swipe those space-hogging cars and trucks out of your way so that you can exit the garage. Clear a path, peel out, and get out of there. If you want three stars, you’ll have to use as few moves as possible to move the cars out of your way.

Why We Love Unpark Me

This puzzle game really makes you plan ahead before making that first move. There is more than one way to win, but there’s only one way to get three stars. That’s why we love it: it rewards clever logic with points! That being said, we recommend you take a moment to choose your strategy before playing each level. Can you get three stars on every Unpark Me level?