Sharpen Your Wits With Twinz

For those who are “quick on the draw” when it comes to analyzing patterns and answering questions, Twinz is an excellent game to help you flex your mental muscles. Each stage proceeds as follows: an assortment of random items are quickly thrown onto the gameplay area, which is divided into top and bottom halves. The objects on the top half resemble those on the bottom half and vice versa, but only one is a complete match (they may be of different sizes, though). You have to use your eagle eye when playing this game to quickly select the perfect match before time runs out!

Challenge Your Friends

Multiplayer capability makes Twinz that much more exciting because you can challenge your friends to a contest of speed and smarts. Get those fingers ready, because when the items drop onto the screen, you will have precious milliseconds to make the right move and claim victory! Be careful, however, because if you choose incorrectly, a point is taken away. That’s what makes this Twinz game so exciting – high stakes and constant action.