True Hero

Not Your Average Lumberjack

While all of his flannel-wearing buddies are hacking down trees in the forest, the star of this True Hero game is building bridges with them! The forest is soon going to run out of trees to cut down, and this brave logger needs to keep his job.  So, he has decided to journey to the forest on the other side of this huge valley with only the clothes on his back and his trusty axe.

A True Hero Builds His Own Bridge

He doesn't need ropes, ladders or a bridge, because this lumberjack makes his own in this fun physics game! When you come across a gap, quickly gauge the distance and plant a tree to use as a bridge. When the tree is tall enough, cut it down at the perfect time to lay it across the gap. Too short? Splat. Too long? You guessed it - splat. Happy hacking, True Hero!