Troll Boxing

Are You A Troll Boxing Champ or Chump?

They’re not exactly the prettiest “contenders,” but this Troll Boxing game isn’t about looks - it’s about guts! Enter the ring, put your tough guy face on, and get ready for an all-out slugfest! Fighting is all about balancing offense and defense. Look for your opening. As soon as your opponent let’s their guard down, POW! Let ‘em have it! If you see them winding up, though, make sure to put your guard up.

Unlock Fighters and Take A Shot at the Title

As you win fights and earn respect, you will be able to unlock an entire crew of the toughest, meanest sluggers who are just itching to jump in the ring. Each has their own style, so make sure to try them all out. Will you dance around the outside or plow straight ahead like a raging bull? Keep your chin down, and you just might survive a couple of rounds in Troll Boxing!