Ever Wish You Could Build The Pieces In Tetris?

If you’re tired of playing level after level of Tetris, and you want something new, try this Triswipe game. Imagine this: your Tetris screen is flipped upside down, and instead of just guessing which piece is going to come, you make it! That’s right, click or tap on the grid and drag to create the pieces you want. It has to be a regular Tetris piece, but beyond that, you decide!

Triswipe Gives You Creative Control

We love this twist on the classic arcade game because it allows the player to think more creatively. You can use logic and a little bit of skill to quickly design and place the pieces that you need to complete those lines. For each level, you will have to complete more lines. What are you waiting for? If you beat our Triswipe high score of twenty lines, we won’t even be mad!