Too Bad You Couldn’t Find Better Parking…

That was a great concert, but now you have to walk across dozens of deadly streets in this Traffic game to get back to your car! Time your steps carefully and watch for the indicator lights – they will tell you when a car is coming. If you pay attention to the speed limits, you can get an idea of how many more (or less) milliseconds you have to shuffle yourself across that pavement before…POW!

Beat The Traffic Or It Will Beat You!

If you need to stop and collect yourself on the grassy medians, don’t worry, we won’t judge you. Getting narrowly missed by a car going over 100 miles per hour can be traumatizing. Just make sure that you time those lights properly and you may just make it the 100 steps back to your car. If you don’t make it across the Traffic, well, at least you won’t have to pay that parking ticket.