Touch Ball

Speed Demons, Get Ready

We will see just how lightning-quick those thumbs of yours really are in this Touch Ball game, the thrilling arcade title that respects one thing over all else: speed! See that floating, color-changing disco ball? As soon as you start the game, you have literally one second to tap it. The twist? You have to tap it more each time it reappears! Just remember while you’re shooting for that high score that your phone screen isn’t invincible.

Pro Tip: Let The Beat Guide You In Touch Ball

The best pro tip we at Kiloo can offer you for this game is to surrender to the music! Enjoy yourself as you follow the pulsing dance beat. This will keep you on a quick and steady rhythm. Once you get into the trance, you might just surprise yourself with a new high score. Can you break our high score of 2025 in Touch Ball?