Tomato Crush

If You Can’t Crush Them, Join Them!

You’ve got a whole lot of soup to make, and in this Tomato Crush game, you don’t have time to slice them nicely. Smash them all, use the juice, and move on to the next batch! This fun clicker requires a good eye, fast hands and even faster thinking. You either have to crush every tomato on the board or change their colors so that they all match. You’ll get a small boost to your timer with each level, so don’t miss a beat!

Squish Your Way to a Tomato Crush High Score

Each stage that you beat counts as a point. Since you only start with 20 seconds on the board, it’s really hard to even get past ten. We love this game because it combines hand-eye coordination with quick thinking. Ready to paint the cutting board red with Tomato Crush, master chef?