The Office Guy

The Office Guy is Out For Revenge…

When you stand up to your violent boss in this The Office Guy game, you become the target of a “hostile takeover.” He has ordered his thugs to take you out! He’s used to bullying his clients and employees, but he’s never messed with someone like you before. You’re not going to go down without a fight. Grab a bat, find evidence, and take out as many thugs as you can.

You’re Going to Need More Than a Bat

Wow, that’s a lot of henchmen! What did that guy drop? A revolver? Now we’re talking. If you’re going to make it out of this action-packed survival game alive and deliver the punishment your boss deserves, you will need to up your firepower. Anything goes - revolvers, shotguns, and even grenades! Survive for long enough in this thrilling fighting game, and you’ll help The Office Guy get the ultimate revenge.