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Tentrix is Tetris Evolved!

Just when you think the 1980s classic arcade game couldn’t get any more fun and addicting, this Tentrix game comes along and blows us all away! Tentrix is the skill-based puzzle game where you combine pieces of all different shapes and sizes to make horizontal lines for points. Sounds just like Tetris, right? While the overall concept is the same, there are several differences in this version of the thinking game that make it even more enjoyable. We jumped at the chance to add this title to our collection, because it will bring the joy of the classic back to you in a totally new way. Find out what we love about it below.

Play What You Want, Where You Want

Remember the feeling of panic as each shape appeared at the top of the screen in regular Tetris? You had no idea what shape the piece was going to take, and you only had two or three seconds to figure it out before it smashed into your other pieces and messed everything up. So, you scrambled left and right and twisted it around as it fell. Well, in this Tentrix game, you don’t have to panic as the piece falls from the sky. In fact, you can see your next three pieces, and they’re just sitting there waiting for you! Drag them to where you want, even if it’s underneath and in-between other pieces. This gives you so much more freedom to think and play creatively – we love it!

No Need to Rush

Since the pieces aren’t falling from above, you have a lot more time to just relax, decide where you want each piece to go, and place it where you want. If you are a competitive Tetris player (did you know they have tournaments still?), you may prefer the other way, but for everyone else who just wants to enjoy a fun thinking game, this is perfect. You can even take a break from the game for a second, grab a snack, and come back to it without pausing. With so much time to make everything fit perfectly, your high score potential goes through the roof! (Just don’t let your game pieces go through the roof.)

Tips for the Ultimate High Score

If you want to earn an awesome high score, you’ll have to consistently make those horizontal lines without filling up the screen too much. The best way to do this is to think ahead and keep everything neat and organized. As soon as your pile of pieces starts to look sloppy, then you’re in real trouble! If you want to play for fun and kill some time, who cares how you play? If you want to get serious about your score, though, here’s what we recommend. 

Keep Order

Are you pretty good at keeping your room clean? If so, Tentrix shouldn’t be too hard for you. Even if you don’t get a lot of lines this way, try to combine all of your pieces neatly. Make room for squares and lines by keeping everything in orderly stacks. If you have too many random holes and oddly shaped gaps throughout your pieces, you may not find the right pieces to fill them up before it’s too late!

Think Ahead

Finally, take a good look at all three pieces in front of you. Make sure that you don’t ruin any chances for the other two by covering up spots with the first one. If you can make all three pieces work together, you’ll definitely increase your score by a lot! However you play this Tentrix game, just make sure you’re having fun! We’ll see you in there.