These Cute and Fuzzy Monsters Need Your Help!

They may look mean from a distance, but the monsters in this Tap Them All game wouldn’t hurt a fly. They prefer to roam in matching packs, but the wind has blown so hard today that they got all jumbled up! Help to match purple with purple, blue with blue and so on by tapping them. Only tap the color that is requested, though, or you lose!

Four Ways to Tap Them All

If you like to work under pressure, classic and time mode will put your tapping skills against the clock. If you like to work under extreme pressure, try bomb mode. A sneaky little bomb has snuck onto the board, and if you tap it, you’re done. We love this feature because it makes you think twice, which makes it more challenging to beat the clock. Get your thinking cap on, because Tap Them All is the ultimate brain workout!