Tap the Frog

Test Your Quickness with Tap the Frog

Just like a frog leaping from lily pad to lily pad in the blink of an eye, you’ll have to be extremely fast if you want to make it through Tap the Frog with five stars! We’ve got tons of arcade minigames for you to try, and they all focus on one skill above all else: quickness. You’ll be leaping across a pond, painting pretty frogs, and even flying a jetpack as you speed your way across these games! Sometimes, your challenge is to collect tokens and avoid bad guys. On another level, you might be building a house, driving a vehicle or who knows what else? The amount of activities is almost endless with this high score game. Each game can award up to five stars based on your performance. You get ranked based on how many stars you have, and the more stars, the more levels you can play! 

Time: Your Best Friend and Worst Enemy

There’s a ton of stuff that you can do in this Tap the Frog game, but all the minigames have one thing in common: a time limit. You’ve got to jump, paint, drive, and run your way through one challenge after another as you race against the clock for points. Here’s the good part, though – you can find clocks on the map to add a few precious seconds on the clock! You even have your own personal collection of clocks that you can use if you need juuuust a few more seconds to get that five-star high score. Use them wisely though, because they do run out. It’s helpful to have, too, because this game is all over the place. You’ll find new levels, new items and all kinds of funny situations ahead, which is why we love this game. Good luck, froggy – let’s see how quick you are!