Swing Robber

Help Swing Robber With His Biggest Score Yet!

It’s a good thing Swing Robber brought his rope because these rooftops are a little too far apart for jumping. If you want to help him get away with his biggest score yet, you’re going to have to help him swing across the treacherous gaps! Size up the distance and commit to each swing, because our robber is in a big hurry to avoid the boys in blue.  

Will Your Skills Measure Up?

Each time you approach a gap between rooftops, you will have to carefully measure out a length of rope. If the rope is either too short or too long, you fall to your death. Since you can only measure once, you will have to be quick and confident to make it out of this. If you can keep a level head, you will make it home with the dough in this Swing Robber game!