Super Fist

Watch Those Furious Fists Fly!

You’ve seen superheroes shoot lasers and throw flying hammers, but we guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this Super Fist game! Help our hero take on swarms of snarling aliens by launching his very fists at them! That’s right. Wave upon wave of these ugly invaders will come at you, and you will launch your fists across the screen to punch them at a distance. Throw them far, because they can even hit aliens on the way back.

Help Super Fist Save the City

Don’t celebrate too early - you may be an action hero, but in this fast-paced clicker, you will find yourself under a vicious attack. Hundreds upon hundreds of aliens will throw themselves at you in waves, and you will have to be super quick to keep them from getting to you. It’s important that you do, too, because Super Fist is the last line of defense.