It’s A Dangerous Frontier

Brave the wild west like you’ve never seen it before in this super cowboy run game, one of our favorite shooters for racking up huge killstreaks! Make sure your trusty six-shooter is loaded, because you’re going to need it. An army of goblins, trolls, skeletons, feral dogs, and even bomb-dropping crows stands in your way. If you want to get past everything, you will have to time your jumps and your shots perfectly.

“Shoot” For A Super Cowboy Run High Score

Excuse the pun, we couldn’t help it! Honestly, though, if you want to beat our killstreak record of 27 and our high score of $45,000, you will have to be inventive. Jump over rogue wagon wheels and take out as many enemies as you can, but beware of who may be waiting for you once you land… You’re up against an entire legion in super cowboy run.