Super Color Lines

Brilliant Colors, Stellar Gameplay

Get your daily dose of color with this Super Color Lines game, where beautiful gems are just waiting to be smashed together for huge points! This thrilling thinker will require you to pay attention to both the color and number of gems in play. You have to match five in a row if you want to savor that explosion of points. Not just any random five, mind you, but five of the same color. Will you slide these dazzling gems together before it’s too late?

Your Matching Game Search Stops At Super Color Lines

If you’re tired of the same old, humdrum gem combiners, rest assured that this game brings a fun and challenging twist that will keep you matching for hours. Don’t just flip pairs of gems, slide them all the way across the board! And if you think a flimsy 3-gem combo will do anything in Super Color Lines, get ready for a challenge!