Launch a Sumo Up into the Stratosphere!

If you’ve ever wondered what sumo wrestlers do when they’re in between matches, load up this Sumo Up game and find out. That’s right, they’re actually very skilled trampolinists! It makes sense when you think about it, they’re so heavy, and they have strong legs. All you need is a strong trampoline, and WHEE - they fly hundreds of meters through the air! It’s your job to provide the trampoline, and be quick about it, or your pot-bellied friend will fall a long way.

Beware of Balconies…

Tap and slide to build trampolines. Send that sumo shooting through the air, and be ready to build the next one when he starts to fall back down. Just watch out for balconies - that’s a serious knock on the head! Our best flight so far took us 152 meters. Can you get your Sumo Up higher than that?