Sumo Saga

This Soaring Sumo Has a Hidden Talent

When he’s not charging at his opponent like a raging bull, the hero of this Sumo Saga game has another pastime. No, it’s not eating, it’s flying over the rooftops of a beautiful Japanese city! That’s right, somewhere, somehow, this round wrestler picked up an amazing talent. He sticks onto a balcony like glue, aims for a higher one, and launches himself towards it. The more jumps you can make, the higher over the city our chubby hero goes. Just don’t miss – this big guy may be round, but he doesn’t exactly bounce off of the ground.

A Sumo Saga Pro Tip

Wanna climb above one thousand feet quickly? If you’re serious about your Sumo Saga game online record, then you should practice skipping platforms. Look towards the top corner of your screen before you jump – is there a platform way up there? There’s no need to just take it one at a time when you can skip. Aim for that second one and watch that spinning sumo sail through the air! We don’t know where he learned it, but he can really jump for a big guy. By skipping platforms, you can increase your average jump distance from 15 or so to a whopping 25!

How Far Will Your Journey Take You?

Your Sumo Saga game online play style should be all about going the distance. It’s okay to take a couple seconds to line up your shot, but if you wait too long, it will be game over! One miss, and you’ll be sent barreling towards the ground like a fleshy meteor. That’s why we love this game: it puts so much pressure on you to be fast and accurate at the same time. Can you make it past a thousand feet? If you do, just make sure not to look down… If you just love Sumo Games, then can also try this Sumo Game.