Sumo Saga

Watch Your Score Grow By Leaps And Bounds

Sumo Saga puts you in control of a particularly agile sumo wrestler – one who must make his way up beautiful Japanese tapestries by jumping and flipping to each one! Before you tap or click, you must be fully committed because there is no going back. So, line up your angles perfectly and choose confidently. The higher you go, the faster that arrow will move, so you may want to take a second before you take the leap.  

Live The Thrilling Sumo Saga

Love showing off? Then shoot for the top corner! Don’t just jump to the nearest tapestry, go for the highest one that you can. This will save you time while ratcheting your score up even faster. Of course, we never said it wasn’t a risky strategy – you may find yourself plummeting back to the ground if you get too cocky. You only have one chance to hit the mark in this Sumo Saga game, so aim true.