Summer Vacation

A Chill Game

You shouldn’t be stressing about bills, homework, or any of that – this is Summer Vacation! We’re bringing you a nice and easy matching game so that you can relax. Chill out to a soundtrack of mellow steel drums while you pair up as many items as you can. Sunblock, fruity drinks, sunglasses, starfish, and even ice cream bars are all on the playing field. The more you match, the more point bonuses you will receive.

Are You Ready For Summer Vacation?

While you’re more than welcome to just relax and play for fun, you can get a little bit more serious if you like. Watch the counters in the corners to get bonuses and bring new items into play. When it comes to combinations, the bigger the better. How many items can you string together? Five? Six? Keep your eyes peeled and have a great time with this Summer Vacation game.