Submarine Dash

Dive To Terrifying Depths And Find Treasure!

In this Submarine Dash game, you’re on a mission for one thing: gold! A huge cache of gold coins has been reported near where your submarine is stationed, but there is one problem – it’s dangerous. That doesn’t scare the most skilled submarine captain this side of the Atlantic, though! Dip under and sail over huge coral formations as you grab coins and point multipliers. Wait, are those torpedoes coming at us…? INCOMING!

Upgrade Your Vessel In Submarine Dash

If you want to stand a chance against those pesky torpedoes and massive coral formations, you may want to invest in some upgrades. Earn some cash and hit the store. You can get a shield, a turbo boost, and more to assist you in your next mission. Good luck, captain. We want a full report of your Submarine Dash high score on our desks in the morning.