Stunt Extreme

In Stunt Extreme, Speed and Style Are King!

Do you think you’re the only one hitting the dirt track in this Stunt Extreme game? No way! In this smooth arcade game, you will have to nudge your way past dozens of rivals as you sail off of jumps and awe the onlookers with crazy tricks. Switch lanes as you whip around your rivals. Dodge obstacles on the course. Hit that turbo button right before the jump and WHOOSH, you’re airborne! Will you be the fastest rider, the coolest stunt-puller, or both?  

Win, Brag, and Do it Again

Tired of whizzing past all of those rival bikers in career mode? If you think you have what it takes to challenge endless riders, try survival. Well, it’s not endless if you go to slow or crash too much – then you lose! Enjoy crisp graphics, challenge every rival, and nail a huge Stunt Extreme high score!