No Fear, No Regrets

The Studrider doesn’t think twice. He doesn’t ask himself, “Is this too risky?” He just does it. If you want to achieve greatness in this game, you have to be bold. Squeeze the throttle, hurl yourself off ramps and go for the ultimate double backflip! Being timid won’t pay in this game – if you don’t go full-throttle, you won’t make it. Don’t forget to fuel up, because if you lose power, you’re going nowhere fast.

Become The Studrider

Think that you’re just riding to make it to the end? Think again. If you don’t ride with style, you won’t be rewarded with point multipliers and bonuses. In other words, you have to backflip and frontflip your way to a high score. If you crash, you may not like what happens to your bike – and you. No worries, our Studrider game comes with a restart button.