Strike Solitaire

Each Game is a Frame!

Strike Solitaire is a creative combination of two classic games: solitaire and bowling! No, cards don’t make it very far down the alley, but they can be used to tally points. Match two cards of the same number or face (suit doesn’t matter) to eliminate them for points. If you can rack up enough points in a short amount of time, you’ll score 10! Each game is a frame, so get ready to play for a while.

Are You a Strike Solitaire Junior or Pro?

Are you a fan of “take-backs”? In junior mode, you can repeat frames to improve your score! Of course, if you want real bragging rights, you can play as a pro - no lane bumpers here. Whichever difficulty you choose, keep your eye out for score-boosting bonus cards. What are you waiting for? Shoot for that perfect score in this Strike Solitaire game!