Sticky Goo

A Goo’s Gotta Do What A Goo’s Gotta Do

Oh, what a beautiful day for Sticky Goo and his beloved girlfriend to – OH NO! A humongous spider dropped down from nowhere and snatched up sticky’s girlfriend! There’s no time to waste. Help our little goopy friend as he bravely climbs, jumps, and bounces his way skyward in search of his true love. You will have to time each jump perfectly, and watch out for the big spider’s children – they’re as mean as she is.

Climb For Love In This Sticky Goo Game

Whatever you do, don’t look down. That shouldn’t be a problem, because you will have plenty to focus on, like the sharp thorns on each side of you that you need to avoid. Don’t take too much time planning your next jump, because the rocks will crumble underneath you! Will true love triumph, or will Sticky Goo fall short?