Stick Soldier

Trust Us – Don’t Look Down

His mission has taken Stick Soldier to a remote valley deep in the mountains, where steep drops and narrow platforms are everywhere. He’s in a hurry, so when you approach a gap, you will only have one chance to measure out the perfect stick so that you can get him across. Too short, down you go. Too long? Yup – down you go. It has to be just right to get the point!  

Will Your Stick Soldier Skills Measure Up?

After a few practice rounds, you should be able to time it so that you can get across most gaps with ease. We love this game because it is both thrilling and funny. It’s a little shameful to admit, but it’s almost hilarious when he sprints off of the bridge to his doom! Of course, we prefer that you shoot for a high score. Ours is 11, by the way. Can you beat our Stick Soldier game best?