Stick Freak

Whoa, That’s a Steep Drop…

It’s best not to look down while playing this Stick Freak game. Instead, focus on the task in front of you. To get from your cliff to the next in this arcade game, you must accurately measure a stick to use as a bridge. Too short or long, and splat! You’re a goner. For each successful bridge that you build, you will be awarded a point. But wait, what’s that sparkly thing in the distance?

How to Play Like a Stick Freak Pro

Getting across the gaps is one thing, but to be a true pro, you will have to collect diamonds along the way. You may even have to walk under the bridge or turnaround while crossing to do this, so get ready for a challenge. If you collect enough diamonds, you can unlock other heroes! If you think that’s awesome, watch what happens when you help Stick Freak lay the bridge directly on the center triangle.