Spider Solitaire 2

Introducing the Perfect Rainy-Day Pastime: Spider Solitaire 2

Whether you’re rained in, enjoying some free time, or looking to give your brain some exercise, this Spider Solitaire 2 game will keep you entertained. There are no flashy graphics, explosions or high-powered vehicles here – just a challenging and fun thinking game. This version of the game is played with seven columns (also called tableaus). Arrange each tableau in descending order from king to ace, and you’ll clear it from the board. Clear all tableaus to win!

Is a Win in the Cards for You?

It might take a second to get used to this version, especially if you play original solitaire. Once you start ordering stacks and moving them like a pro, you will be racking up the wins in no time. Speaking of time, did you notice the bottom of the screen? Let’s see how fast you can clear the Spider Solitaire 2 board!