Speedy Boat

Race Through The Rubble With Your Speedy Boat

Hop in your Speedy Boat and get ready for high-speed thrills with this intense racing game. You’ve picked up so much speed that the other boats look like they’re completely still! You have to weave through them quickly, or your boat will be smashed to bits. Test your reflexes and challenge yourself to set an unbeatable high score. When you think you’ve perfected your skills, try hard mode…

Think One Boat Is Tough? Try Two Or Even Three!

That’s right – this game will place you in command of up to three streaking vessels at the same time! Choose medium (2) or hard (3) mode to test your multi-tasking ability as you zip through three sets of obstacles at once. If you can keep your wits about you, you may just survive for a few seconds. So what are you waiting for? Load up this fast-spaced Speedy Boat game and get ready to react – it’s all over in a blink.