Speedy Bird

We Gave Nature A Little “Boost”

We doubt speedy bird will be losing to his friends in a race anytime soon, as he has been outfitted with a high-powered jetpack! Help our friend fly through hoops, snag star tokens, and avoid lingering enemies by controlling his thruster. You need to go through every hoop – if you miss one, you lose a heart. Try to grab presents, too, because they will give you a nice boost in points.

Help Speedy Bird Soar To A High Score

If you would like a different kind of boost, the kind that will help you crash through your enemies while avoiding damage, look for a shield. This will make you invulnerable to damage for a short period of time. Once you get into the rhythm of grabbing star tokens, avoiding enemies, and literally going through hoops, you just may make it an impressive distance in this Speedy Bird game.