Space Purge

Man, There’s A Lot Of Junk Out There

We may think of space as the endless expanse, but after one minute in this Space Purge game, you will realize just how much debris is just floating around! Epic space battles, exploding suns, and meteor showers have cluttered this great divide to the point where it is in desperate need of cleaning. This is where you come in. Fire up those lasers and blast as many asteroids as you can, because this fast-paced action game will not wait for you to warm up!

Keep It Moving To Survive The Space Purge

If you want to make it farther than we did in one of our favorite survival games, you will have to keep dipping and diving to avoid the endless rain of meteorites. Shields are super helpful, too. Upgrade those lasers for a serious advantage. After all, who needs to be accurate when you can fire three lasers at once?  How long will you last in Space Purge?