Space Cowboy

Space Cowboy Has a Job to Do

Talk about wide open pastures - in this Space Cowboy game, you have miles and miles of “open prairie” in outer space! That’s right, you have moved your ranch to the great beyond. How are you going to wrangle all those cattle, you ask? Why, simply hop on a rocket, of course! There’s a problem, though. Somebody has spotted your space farm. Somebody who isn’t above sneaking a couple head of cattle from you...

We Don’t Take Kindly to Cow Thieves Around Here

What a bunch of no-good, dirty rotten alien scoundrels they are! Cow thieves have descended upon your farm, and they will steal as many cows as they can. Your job is to get to your cows before they do, or if you can, simply take the thieves out! Dash around to protect your herd. How many cows will you save? Our record is twenty. Giddyup, Space Cowboy.