Soldiers Combat

Neutralize And Extract

Your mission in our Soldiers Combat game is a daring one. You have volunteered to be dropped into hostile territory, way behind enemy lines, in order to take out elite enemies and recover resources for your military. There is no time to think, negotiate, or find shelter. The only direction is forward, and your only option is to fight. Riddle your enemies with bullets while you collect ammo, keys and treasure. Make it through the last level and you win!  

Firepower Is Your Only Friend In Soldiers Combat

Crack open enough crates and you’re bound to find some pretty sweet upgrades for your weapon. Fully auto machine guns, bazookas, even cold lasers are all out there waiting to be used against your attackers. Don’t forget to grab those three keys, either. Even if you make it to the end of the level, you have to have all three or you can’t move on! That’s the nature of Soldiers Combat – kill or be killed.