Bet You’ve Never Seen That Emoji Before!

Sure, it’s called the Smiles game, but what’s up with that super freaked-out green guy? Also, our purple friend looks like he is up to no good. Either way, you will have less than a second to tap each one as they pop up randomly on your screen. Don’t worry about keeping track of the colors – as you click on more Smiles, the game will tally them for you. There is just one person that you have to be careful to avoid.

Smiles Beat Frowns Any Day

This kids game is home to Sassy Sally, and trust us, she’s a frowning party pooper! Don’t let the ribbons in her hair fool you, she’s not nice at all. If you tap or click on her three times, this funny arcade game is over, so be careful. Tap or click on everyone except her, and go for the Smiles record!