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Fruit Slot Machine

Fruit Slot Machine

Pull It, Pray, and Win!

Is there anything better than winning big at the slots? How about playing as many free slot games as you want! Leave your hard-earned cash in your wallet, purse or piggy bank, because we have a full category of free slots games just waiting for someone to play them. It’s all about the experience. Your heart thumps excitedly as you reach for that virtual handle. Will you bet like a big shot or take it easy? Either way, set the amount you want, pull that handle and watch those beautiful rollers spin so fast that all the pictures blur into a rainbow. They’re about to stop! There goes one, and a second to match it, and a third, and…jackpot! You may not win real money in these slots free games, but hey, you don’t need money to play free slot games either! You still get to enjoy the thrills of Vegas wherever you are. 

Ding, Ding, Ding – So Many Ways to Cash In

It’s a common misconception that all free slot games to play are the same. Set a bet, click or tap the handle and just hope you win some “money.” Sure, that’s pretty much the gist of it, but there’s so much other fun stuff that goes on in between. It may seem like Vegas world slot games, whether free or not, are totally based on luck, but that’s not 100% true. “How can that be, since all you do is pull a handle?” you might be saying. Well, if you know how to set your bets and choose your lines, you can give yourself a really high chance to live a small amount of money, a low chance to win a huge jackpot or a little bit of both. You can’t control when those rollers will stop, of course, but you can set everything else up in your favor if you know what you’re doing! What’s more, each of our free slots games adds different options and new twists. Read on to see what we mean! 

Fun Themes

If you’re looking for the classic Vegas or Hollywood gambling experience, then we have plenty of gold-plated slot machines that will transport you right to Caesar’s Palace or the MGM grand. Play like a high roller at one of our slot games free of charge. Watch a rainbow of bananas, cherries, plumbs, lemons and other fruit spin around as you cheer the game on. Of course, if you like a little variety like we do with your Vegas or Hollywood slot games, you can consider this free slot games category a tour of the world’s best slot games. That’s right, you can enjoy cool characters, gems, landmarks and historical wonders, and all kinds of other themes! Is all that fruit spinning around making you hungry for a smoothie? Just switch to another one of our free slots games and discover an entirely new way to play and win!   

Unique Jackpots and Multipliers

It wouldn’t me much of a slot games free category without a jackpot or two thrown in there, now would it? It doesn’t take that much luck to win five or ten dollars when you put in a quarter, after all. The real money rolls in when you hit that harder, smaller target – the jackpot! Sometimes, you have to match every roller to the same symbol. Other times, you have to get a unique combination of symbol. Either way, when those buzzers go off and the coins start pouring out of the machine like a waterfall, you’ll know you’ve hit the big time! Each game is different in terms of the jackpot size. It could be $10,000, or $100,000, or maybe even a couple million! Even if you don’t hit the jackpot, you should play around with several of our free slot games to see how the multipliers work. Maybe you get a x5 bonus for a couple of rounds because of how you set it up, or maybe even x10! It can get really sophisticated with the multipliers, so make sure to read all the instructions. 

 Big or Bite-Sized Bets

No matter how many fancy multipliers or jackpots you come across in this slot games free category, you’re not going to win big if you don’t place the maximum bet. Sure, in Vegas, doing this might mean you have to go back home a day early (because you ran out of money), but in online games, your pockets are as deep as the ocean! So go ahead, max it out. If you wanted to win a measly ten or twenty bucks, you could have just played a few scratch-off tickets. This is Vegas-style, baby, so there’s no holding back! Of course, if you just want to see how the game works, or how betting smaller affects your payouts, there’s nothing wrong with taking it down for a few turns. When it’s time to win some serious money, though, you know what to do.

On A Lucky Streak? Then Let’s Keep Playing!

If you question just how fun and addicting free slots games can be, just take a stroll onto a Vegas casino floor at about 3 in the morning and tell us what you find (the answer is…people still playing slots!). If you just can’t seem to lose, though, and you want to take lady luck with you to another exciting game, then try our casino games category today. Another great way to “keep the ball rolling” is to head over to our roulette games and see if your slots skills translate to that shiny wheel! Ready to swim with the sharks? We’ll meet you on the casino floor.