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Play Slide Puzzle online

Connect the starting point with the endpoint using block links! Watch out to see which direction the links are pointing to and how to move them around.

Who can play Slide Puzzle?

  • Ages 6 and up

  • Difficulty level: medium

How to play Slide Puzzle game

  • Left-click on your mouse to grab a block and slide it to your desired location

  • When the blocks connect with the beginning point, they change color from green to white

  • Grey blocks cannot be moved

  • Blocks only move to free spaces

  • On some levels, you may have more blocks that are needed in the end solution

  • Connect both points to solve a level of Slide Puzzle


  • left mouse click

About the game Slide Puzzle

The end goal of the game is very simple - connecting both points. However, this slide puzzle game will get more and more tricky to solve with every level to keep it interesting and train your brain! If you feel up to a challenge, see our collection of logic games, where you must think strategically and use logic skills. As the name of the game also tells you, Slide Puzzle is a puzzle game, and if you enjoy solving riddles, we have more interesting and complex puzzle games for you to try out! If you remember the childhood classic Tetris, a very similar game to that is 10x10, where you must place different shapes on a 10 by 10 board. Fill a line in any direction and it disappears

Do you want something more fast-paced? Similar to Slide Attack, also Shape attack is a game that requires logic, but to beat Shape Attack, you must also have a very fast reaction! Play Shape Attack and match your shape to the ones incoming towards you!


  • 50 levels to master


Web browser (mobile and desktop)

Release date

October 10, 2020


Slide Puzzle was developed by Proto Games


  • What is the trick to slide puzzles?
    One strategy you can use is to free up your goal location and move the target piece in that direction by moving all the pieces in the way, too. Then make a full"circle" again and again until the last piece of the chain, which is your target piece, reaches its location!

  • Who invented slide puzzles?
    The oldest known slide puzzle was invented in 1880 by Noyes Chapman, however, in some records, Sam Loyd is credited as the inventor.