Skater Dude

You Say Two Lanes, Skater Dude Says Four

That’s right, in this Skater Dude game, you can shred it up on the sidewalk as well as the two-lane street! You’ve run out of spray paint, and you need to grab some more fast. Grab your skateboard and snag as many cans as you can. Watch out for boxes, cones, and oh yeah - mean old security guards! You’ll have to dash between four lanes like a pro to make it in this cool arcade game.

Rack Up A Killer High Score, Bro!

This arcade game is the ultimate test of your skateboard skills, because you have to weave in and out of obstacles and collect tokens at the same time. You’ll pick up speed as you go along, so if you even so much as nick the corner of a box, BAM! Down you go! Face-planting is so not cool, Skater Dude.