Shoot Robbers

You Wake Up To A Crashing Sound…

Nobody breaks into your house and tries to steal your stuff without a lead shower - it’s time to Shoot Robbers! One of the most thrilling and hauntingly realistic titles from our action category, this game sets you up in a crow’s nest overlooking your own home. You’ve taken your position and loaded your gun. Now all that is left to do is wait for those cowardly little criminals to walk in front of a window.

Shoot Robbers Or They’ll Shoot You!

As soon as you see one of these masked mongrels, blast away! You will only have a second or two before you’re the one who takes a bullet. Aim, fire, and move on quickly, because these guys travel in large groups. Take as many of them out before you’re toast, and see if you can keep your accuracy above 50%. Will you be able to fight them off in this Shoot Robbers game?