Shoot Angry Zombies

No Fear, No Prisoners In Shoot Angry Zombies

Become the ultimate gunslinging hero in this Shoot Angry Zombies game! An army of dead-eyed zombies has invaded your land, and you’re not going to simply give in. Grab your six-shooter and make a stand against these unlucky invaders. When you’ve taken your last breath, they can have your land. Until then, they’re going to pay dearly.

Keep Your Enemies Guessing

Lucky for you, there are many ways to survive in this game. Of course, the old revolver never fails to fire. If you’re a little overwhelmed, however, you can call for your trusty steed and simply trample the zombies! Better still, if you want to take a bunch of ‘em out at once, find and detonate some explosives. If all else fails, you can even jump over the zombies. Of course, it’s much better to Shoot Angry Zombies than to avoid them.