Much More than Breaking Bricks

They’re not just bricks, they’re Shards! Show off your skills in this futuristic, Arkanoid-style arcade game that gets tougher with every level. A colorful army of bricks looms before you. When you’re ready, launch that ball at them and smash them all! You’ll have to be quick with the paddle if you want to earn an awesome high score. Whatever you do, make sure to keep that ball in play.

It’s Raining Shards power-ups!

You may notice after the ball smashes a few bricks that they will start to drop power-ups. Catch them with your paddle to earn more balls, slow the balls down, widen your paddle, and our personal favorite - laser cannons! Use twin laser blasters to fire up at the bricks yourself for a few seconds. We don’t care how you get a high score in this Shards game, just as long as you get one!