Sea Ship Racing

Crash Across The Waves

Strike fear into the hearts of your foes as your powerful Galleon pounds the waves in this Sea Ship Racing game! The objective is simple, but accomplishing it isn’t: you simply have to collect as many points as you can (the rowboat tokens). What’s so hard about that, you ask? Probably the fact that you have to dodge opposing ships at speeds of up to 40 knots. If you’re too busy scrambling after tokens to see one, your ship gets blasted into smithereens, and down into “the drink” she goes. 

Become The Sea Ship Racing King

Of course, if you aren’t too keen on zipping by your foes, you can simply blow them up! Use the bomb button at the bottom of the screen to blast your opponents to bits, but take caution, you only have so many. Once you’re out of firepower, it’s all instincts and reflexes from there. If you hunger for adventure on the high seas, give Sea Ship Racing a try.