Schoolboy Warrior

Ready Your Blade And Become The Schoolboy Warrior

One moment you’re walking home from school, and the next moment you’re being ambushed by monsters in Schoolboy Warrior, the game that challenges you to tear through the enemy ranks using your fearsome blade. Get ready to run, jump, and slash as you grab those coins and fight for your life. If you see a bomb, jump up and detonate it to give everyone on screen a nasty surprise! If you’re lucky enough, you might find a shield, which gives you a speed boost and the ability to trample your enemies.

How Far Can You Make It?

You start with three lives but use them well. These enemies are determined, so you will have to always be ready with a quick strike of your sword. Stay on the lookout for power-ups and don’t let an enemy catch you distracted! Focus, strike, and win in our Schoolboy Warrior game.