Don’t Mind The Grasshopper, He’s Cheering You On!

That’s right, you don’t have to brave this Schitalocka game alone – you have a little green friend to support you while you test your math skills. He has friends, too, like an adorable little kitty that will sometimes sub in for him. Regardless of who’s cheering you on, it’s you that needs to do the thinking for each level. Use your math knowledge to correctly answer the problem, and you’re moving on to the next level!

Can You Master All 38 Schitalochka Levels?

We know that 38 levels sounds like a lot for a kids game, but trust us, once you get going, you will be flying through the levels very quickly. If you answer a question wrong, it’s okay, just try again and you’ll make it! If you can make it through every level in Schitalochka, you’ll be crowned an honorary math whiz!