Guys? Where Did You Go?

Oh man, one second you’re on a camping trip with your family, and the next, you’re all alone on this Scary Path! It’s getting dark. The path is edged with razor-sharp spikes, and the shrubs on each side are too high to see over. Your only choice is to go forward. Get ready for a real nail-biter, because this trail is super creepy! It seems to go on forever, too, almost like it’s cursed…

Each Scary Path Segment is Spookier Than the Last

Cursed or not, you’re going to get the heck out of here. Navigate twists and turns, and make sure to scoot around obstacles. Go as far as you can without leaving the path. Every so often, you will unlock a new, terrifying segment. Does it ever end? You have no choice but to explore and find out in this Scary Path game.