Keep That Cannon Warmed Up in Save Planet

No, those asteroids are not going around Earth this time, and it’s up to you to stop them in this Save Planet game. This is your moment - this is what you’ve trained for, space ranger! You speed off to intercept the asteroids as they speed towards the planet and blast them with your hyper-cannon. When you get there, though, you discover a problem: the asteroid has broken up into many small pieces! Bullseye each one to destroy it.

You’ve Got Little Ammo and Even Less Time

This is brand new technology, so you only have a few shots to take out the asteroids in this bubble shooter. If you can land a ball in the ship’s collection pod below, though, you’ll get it back! We love this game because of the high stakes. It requires quick thinking and solid archery skills to save the day in this Save Planet game.