Santa's Chimney Rush

There’s No Time for Cookies in Santa’s Chimney Rush!

In this Santa’s Chimney Rush game, jolly old St. Nick is so busy that he doesn’t even have time to slide down the chimneys! It looks like you’re going to have to air-drop them while flying, because there are so many good little boys and girls and so little time. Keep that magic sled level as you skim the rooftops, and be careful – some houses are taller than others.

You’re Not Alone Up There

To make things even tougher, you will have to steer clear of air hazards while gliding across the rooftops this Christmas, because there are plenty of storm clouds and feathered friends in your way. If you can avoid a crash for more than a minute or so, you’re doing pretty well in our book! Our Santa’s Chimney Rush high score is 26 presents in 1:10 – can you beat it?