The Big Guy Needs Your Help!

In Santalicious, one of our favorites from the puzzle category, old Saint Nick is hiring seasonal part-time workers for the first Christmas ever! Don’t worry, the elves aren’t jealous – they appreciate the help. Your job is simple: help string together combinations of candy so that Santa can send them off to the good little boys and girls. You need to match 3 to get any points, and make sure to pay attention to the specific candies that Santa wants. If you don’t get those in time, you don’t pass the level!

Shoot For Huge Combos In This Santalicious Game

If you really want to ace this game, try to shoot for combos of six or more pieces of candy. Six will give you bonus points, and seven or more will put more time on the clock for you! Good luck in Santalicious, part-time elf – the boys and girls are counting on you!