Santa Ski

Skate, Ski or Board - Santa Does it All!

You probably figured that Santa was a winter sports fan, but in Santa Ski, you get to see the jolly old guy take to the slopes himself! Not only is he an excellent skier, but he can skate, snowboard, and more. So hop on the course and shoot for that high score. You’ll be hitting boosts, grinding on rails and flying off of huge jumps with ease.

A Santa Ski High Score Requires Perfect Timing

If you want to get a high score over 40 or so, you will really need to master your timing. Tap when Santa is in the yellow zone of a boost or a jump, and you’ll get a speed boost. If you hit the purple, it’s ok, just don’t miss. If you miss, Santa will fall on his rear end! Get ready to show off your racing skills in this Santa Ski game.