Santa or Thief

Something’s Off about Santa This Year…

It’s harder than you think to pull one over on these kids in this Santa or Thief game. They can tell that there’s something different this year. Did Santa lose weight? Does he always wear a black mask? Why is he taking presents instead of giving them? If you want to fool these kids, make sure you don’t get caught. Jump over them if you see them, or they will get you thrown in jail!

Grab the Loot and Run in Santa or Thief

Sneak through floor after floor of gifts, nabbing them as quickly as you can. Make your escape by smashing the floor below you, and grab a paint can to gain invisibility for a few seconds. Watch out for the home security system. If you don’t get out of there, it will shoot a rocket at you! We hope you find some good loot in Santa or Thief.