Do You Think It’s Easy, Getting All That Candy?

Help Santa gather up candy and presents for all the good little boys and girls in Santa On Skates! We all know the big guy has a lot of work to do every winter, but did you know about his serious skating skills? In this game, you will help him vault over obstacles and collect candy as kids cheer him on from the sidelines. The more candy you grab, the better you will do. Make it to the flag at the end and you will skate to the next level.

Dash Through The Snow (And Ice) With Santa On Skates!

Despite what people think, Santa’s job isn’t all snowflakes and gumdrops. To succeed in Santa On Skates, you will have to help him vault over open flames, spikes, wagon wheels, snowmen, and all kinds of obstacles. When the hard work is done, then everyone gets their candy. Give our Santa On Skates game a try if you want to spend a day in the big guy’s shoes.